Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some fresh air to breathe

Finally, I am done with the test2 and feeling so happy for that........

Sometimes, I feel that there should be no tests in the college. At least there is no point in having 2/3 tests in a day. Most of the times you end up in screwing up the last 1/2 tests in the day. Because the syllabus for the core courses is not a joke of course. That's why I like the system that they follow in Pilani. At least the students have to worry about only one exam at a time. They can concentrate on the exams fully. I wish we had the same system here as well.

Anyway, I tried to do well. Now is the time to take care of the post test 2 matters like paper collection and that's the part I hate most. Just imagine yourself entering the class room filled with the students and you see some numbers written on the board that are close to 100. You think that those are the highest marks and within next 2 minutes you come to know that those are the average marks. Just imagine what will the condition of a general student be. I was about to faint right there. Lite.........this is how our institution is!!!!!!

Chalo......I am going for collecting one of those papers.....Bye....

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  1. this paper collection thing..its so annoying..totally agree wid u in this regard.

    The system of having tests, the only problem wid that is 2 to 3 tests in a day..correct.