Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Blog

Hey friends,
This is Adi and it's my first blog. Till this date, I have never "written" anything apart from the essays in the school and honestly, I was pathetic at writing essays. I have no idea how well I will do here. As of now, I am totally clueless about what I should write here :(...........
All I can say now is that since last two months, I have been feeling an intense desire to express my thoughts, feelings and expressions maybe on a piece of paper or in front of some person. And suddenly, this thought of blogging struck into my mind. Initially, I found it weird because I thought that this is a way of showing your so called writing skills to everyone else but later I thought who cares...........I like to write and so, I will, what's wrong with it!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is all about me :)...........I will be happy to make new blog friends........


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